Founded in 2010 by Kyle Kirchhoff, KWF, LLC has become an industry leader in the welding and fabrication industry. KWF, LLC is located in Griswold, IA and provides a wide variety of products for handling needs.

Our highly professional staff works closely with our customers to understand their expectations, not only for the project, but of us as well.  We invite our customers to be a part of the planning process for their fabrication, by utilizing a state-of- the-art CAD design software system. This system allows us to share with our customers a detailed 3D model of their plan, enabling them to “test-drive” their design before it is actually made.

With years of experience and access to the latest equipment, our team of certified welders offers a broad range of capabilities to make every project exceptional.  We make it our goal to deliver a high precision fabrication in a timely manner, with a strong commitment to quality and customer service.

  • Highly professional staff

  • Using the latest tools

  • Providing the most cost effective product

  • Certified welders

  • Striving to meet deadlines


Send us a message and let’s start talking! We are here to help you with all of your welding and fabrication needs.